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'Cheer' Netflix Fans: Lexi is Back at Navarro!

Netflix dropped a new docuseries this month that's turned anyone who watches it into a die hard cheerleading fan.

While I was up late being a congested mess on my bachelorette trip, I came across 'Cheer' on Netflix. It follows the defending grand national championship cheerleaders at Navarro College prepping for another title. This junior college has a renowned cheer program run by one of the most terrifying but admirable women, Monica Aldama.

I binged half the series that night cause OMG IT'S SO GOOD. I don't know a damn thing about cheer but bet I was screaming at flyers being all wobbly at the end of the series. The series also tells the stories (some truly heartbreaking) of how these athletes came to Navarro.

Lexi Brumback is the team's best female tumbler. That means her flips and stuff are wild. Lexi struggles finding her identity on the team since she's not a "typical" cheerleader but eventually finds her groove with her teammates and finally finds her people.

So we thought.

The series ends with Lexi going back home and choosing not to go back for another season at Navarro. Lexi's high school years were rough and it looked like she was heading back to a self-destructive life.

BUT SHE'S BACK! She posted a photo on IG from Navarro's practice gym captioned, "Honey, I'm home".


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