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Scooter Braun Says Taylor Swift's Attack Sparked "Numerous Death Threats"

taylor swift and scooter braun

The Taylor Swift vs Scooter Braun drama is past messy and is now putting Scooter's family in danger.

Scooter posted a long statement on Instagram saying his family has gotten death threats since Taylor's attacks on him and Big Machine Label Group.

Read the post below:

This feud really picked up steam last week when Taylor tweeted claims that BMLG was holding her early hits hostage and she couldn't perform them on the American Music Awards or a Netflix documentary she has been working on.

What's super irresponsible in those tweets is that Taylor said "Please let Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta how you feel about this."

I agree with Scooter when he says that Taylor's words carry weight. Now, she's not responsible for the choices other people make to send death threats, but she knows better. She knows some of her fans are mentally unstable, like the stalkers who have camped out in front of and broken into her homes.

I'm so bored of this. Someone isn't telling the whole truth but I don't care anymore. Handle your business like a professional instead of like a couple of middle schoolers dragging each other online.

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