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Ariana Grande Accused of Cultural Appropriating for Sweetener Tour Looks

Ariana Grande

Photo: ANGELA WEISS/AFP/Getty Images

Ariana Grande is being accused of not only ripping off designers for her Sweetener World Tour looks, popular fashion IG blog Diet Prada is also saying she is culturally appropriating black women.

DP posted mood boards that Ariana's camp supposedly sent around to designers they wanted to create wardrobe for the tour. The PDF doc had photos of designer Yeha Leung custom bondage pieces. The mood boards also had photos of Rihanna and Ciara performance looks for inspiration. DP claims Ari is trying to steal "black aesthetics".

Check out DP's full post below:

There's no word that Ari and her team actually hired Yeha Leung. So did they totally rip off her designs? Definitely looks like it. That's not okay.

But is Ari culturally appropriating black women? Absolutely not. Cultural appropriation is when the members of one culture take from another culture for their own use. That kind of accusation is for the inappropriate use of things like bindis, cornrows or the word kimono (yes, lookin at your Mrs. KKW).

As a brown woman who is constantly watching others misuse Latinx culture, this is not appropriation. None of the clothes Ciara or Rihanna wore in those photos were traditionally black. Diet Prada is being irresponsible for trying to incite cancel culture for this mess.

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