Everyone Hates the 'Tall Girl'


This is such a cut and paste teen movie from the 2000s but instead of the "ugly" girl, make her tall!

Jodi, the tallest girl in her high school, just wants to hide all 6 feet 1 inch of her. Then a beautiful, tall exchange student showing up makes her want to finally own her frame and be confident. Except *GASP* one of the hot girls tries to mark her territory and now Jodi is in a love triangle???

What makes this so ridiculous is the makeover montage we know is coming. STUNNING model, actress Ava Michelle plays Jodi and Sabrina Carpenter plays her pageant queen sister. Sabrina's character gives Jodi and introduces her to makeup like it will finally make everyone see how gorgeous she is. Lol. It's very She's All That when they literally just took out Laney's pony tail, took off her glasses and put her in a dress.


I'm not dragging Tall Girl cause I'm definitely gonna watch. Tall Girl drops on Netflix September 13!



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