Final '13 Reasons Why' Trailer Drops Hints at Who Killed Bryce Walker

What tops all the horrifying moments of13 Reasons Why season 2? Killing the main villain before season 3 even premieres.

Bryce Walker is dead. I'm not mad about it cause he really sucked. But everyone is a suspect. The new trailer hints that he was murdered by one of many Liberty High students he wronged, Hannah's mom, maybe even Bryce's own mom who cold have been driven by shame.

The obvious choice is Clay because he intended to kill Bryce last season before Justin stopped him. I think my money is on Jessica. She was WRECKED after testifying about her rape at Bryce's trial and he got to walk free.

Thing is, everyone has a motive cause Bryce was a damn trash person.

Who do you think killed Bryce Walker? Tweet me @CatalinaOnAir. I love this show and I love talking about it.

Stream season 3 on Netflix August 23.

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