We've Been Eating Chocolate Wrong


Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

My whole life is a lie because I've been eating chocolate wrong. We all have!

Experts say this is what we should be doing to make chocolate taste better:

  1. Suck on it, don't chew it. You'll be able to taste it more if you let it dissolve.
  2. Don't eat a huge chunk. Breaking it into small pieces lets you get those chocolatey aromas. A big deal if you've got boujee chocolate.
  3. Smell it before you eat it. Basically, what you do with wine. But who has the time?
  4. Stop washing it down so fast. Let the flavor linger like it's supposed to instead of washing it out with milk or coffee.

I'm gonna take these as LIGHT suggestions cause I'll probably still eat half a Hershey bar in one bite.



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