Woman Was Arrested for Leaving $5,000 Tip for Waitress

Credit Cards

This is the most generous level of petty I've ever seen.

24-year-old Serina Wolfe and her boyfriend Michael Crane from Buffalo, New York were on vacation in Clearwater, Florida (CAUSE OF COURSE THIS HAPPENED IN FLORIDA).

They got into a big fight while they were having dinner at a restaurant and Michael took off. So, Serina wanted to be miss Petty Labelle and got back at him by giving the waitress a $5,000 TIP using Michael's credit card. The meal only cost $55.37. Lordt that's a big tip.

Serina denied the whole thing when Michael called her out on it but he called the cops and she confessed.

She was arrested for felony grand theft cause $5,000 is a whole lotta money.

It's hard to tell who's giving Michael his money back. What I really love is the restaurant says they already gave the waitress the $5,000 in cash. Take it and run, sis!



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