Trying the New 'Harry Potter: Wizards Unite' Game and Annoying My Coworkers

Get your patronus girl cause we gotta protect the magical world!

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite mobile app game is HERE. The augmented reality game launched today. It was developed by Niantic who famously (or annoyingly, depending on the person) created Pokemon GO.

The story is that the wizarding world is clashing with the muggle world so you have to return all the escaped or run-amok magic.

Of course I downloaded it cause I don't care that I'm at work. One thing I didn't like from the start is how you have to pick a code name. Good luck finding one that's not already taken. Save yourself time and go with something super unique. You can't have Romma though. That's mine.

I tested it out at the station and immediately started finding "confoundlings" in my coworker Seth's office.

You collect coins, points, potions and a lot of other things to level up. There's a lot to take in but I'll defintely be playing aaaallll weekend.

Watch the trailer for the game below.

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