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Beyonce's Makeup Artist Launched a Shady "Lion King" Makeup Collection?

Makeup brushes

Photo: Getty Images

Beyonce's makeup artist Sir John teamed up with Luminess for a limited-edition Lion King makeup collection, launching June 15.

It's GORGEOUS. The warm tones and nudes are dreamy. The bold colors are almost royal. I adore the details in the packing. UGH I'M LIVING.

The palette prices aren't bad but those lipsticks better make me look like Beyonce.

Some makeup fans aren't happy with the collab and pointed out Luminess Cosmetics is a multilevel marketing (MLM) company. It's like Mary-Kay and Lularoe in the way that reps have to buy into the company to sell for them. It's comes off a little pyramid scheme-y.

lion king makeup

You don't have to buy from a rep, though. You can buy straight from the site.

Get a closer look at the collection here.

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