Top 10 Songs to Play When You Need to Be Calm

When life is coming at you from all angles and you're like "CAN I BREATHE PLZ?", just turn up one of these songs to stay calm.

A new survey (done in Britain, but a lot are popular in the states) found the top ten songs to help you relax.

1. "What a Wonderful World" - Louis Armstrong

2. "Let It Be" - The Beatles

3. "Your Song" - Elton John

4. "Someone Like You" - Adele

5. "Hello" - Adele

6. "Fix You" - Coldplay

7. "I Say A Little Prayer" - Aretha Franklin

8. "Orinoco Flow" - Enya

9. "Morning Has Broken" - Cat Stevens

10. "It's a Beautiful Day" - U2

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