15 Spots You Have to See on America's Road Trip Bucket List

I've never felt as lame as I did after seeing this list.

A new survey asked Americans for the things on their "travel bucket list" in the U.S. and I haven't been to a single one! Not even the 7 Mile Bridge from Miami to Key West! That bridge really freaks me out.

Here's the list if you're trying to go on a very 'Merica road trip:

1. See the Grand Canyon, 36%.

2. Visit Yellowstone National Park, 35%.

3. See Niagara Falls. The American side, I guess, 34%.

4. Go to Las Vegas, 31%.

5. See Mount Rushmore, 27%.

6. Go to Redwood National Park, 27%.

7. Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, 26%.

8. Drive the Pacific Coast Highway, 25%.

9. See the fall leaves in New England, 22%.

10. Drive from Miami to Key West, 22%.

11. See Cape Cod, 22%.

12. See a Broadway show in New York City, 21%.

13. Walk along Venice Beach and the Santa Monica pier, 21%.

14. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, 21%.

15. Eat a cheesesteak in Philadelphia, 20%. 

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