Olivia Jade's High School Classmate Spills Tea, Now People Want to Sue Her

Olivia Jade's involvement in her mom's college admissions scam has layers.

Reports say she knew about the bribery and even took part in it. So where does the trail of entitlement begin for Olivia?

YouTuber Harlow Brooks went to the same all-girls high school as Olivia and her sister Isabella. She posted a video last week spilling tea about the school's competitive academic expectations and how she didn't really fit in with the majority of her rich af classmates. Including Olivia.

It didn't seem like a malicious video at all. Willow offered context. She didn't even say the name of the school. But girrrrrrrl some classmates came for her. The school newspaper's IG account came for her. Some girls even pulled up in front of her house!

Like, why?

Harlow posted another video talking about the reaction.

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