Jax Theater Turning into Nerd Dream for Harry Potter Marathon

One of my favorite places in the entire city is Sun-Ray Cinema in Five Points and THIS IS WHY.

Sun-Ray is throwing the Hufflepuff Hootenanny February 23 and 24. It's a Harry Potter movie marathon of all eight films with trivia, games, magic and just general heart warming nerd stuff.

Plus, it's being hosted by Jacksonville cosplayers Bethany and Malinda Bachelor who are gonna cos (is that what's it's called?) as iconic mother-daughter duo, Molly and Ginny Weasley! There's even gonna be a Diagon Alley to shop Hogwarts house merch and more.

I'm dead. And happy. Sun-Ray is the quirkiest place and they always do the most.

You can buy tickets for individual screenings or buy a full pass to come and go whenever. Click here for info.

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