No One, Except One Guy, Remembers the Beatles in 'Yesterday' Trailer

Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures

It sounds legit insane that there could ever be a time when the world can't remember The Beatles. But a new movie Yesterday goes even further with the idea: no even knows they existed! Except for Jack.

Jack (played by newcomer, Himesh Patel) is a struggling singer-songwriter ready to quit his dream of ever being a famous musician despite his best friend Ellie (played by the precious Lily James) cheering him on. After a freak accident causes a global blackout, Jack discovers the iconic Beatles never even happened.

He starts performing their songs and passing them off as his own which makes him insanely famous, but he starts to get caught between the new fame (withfamous friends like Ed Sheeran!) and losing his old life -- including Ellie.

Just the idea of someone else pretending the greatest songs in history are his makes me cringe so hard! Check out the trailer below.

Yesterday hits theaters June 28th.

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