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2 Chainz Doesn't Really Come Through with BDE on '7 Rings' Remix

Ariana Grande

Photo by: ANGELA WEISS/AFP/Getty Images

Ariana Grande dropped her "7 Rings" remix with 2 Chainz and I'm not here for it.

He sounds...asleep. Maybe rapping so slow just doesn't work for him because I didn't feel a drop of BDE. Even his lyrics were just okay, ya know?

My ideas are priceless, I know I'm the nicest

I knew you would like this, I must be psychic

I'm from the streets, baby, I'm nothing like them (Tru)

She's sweet in the day, but freaky when night come (Tell 'em)

It's mine, invest it (Uh); I spend it on necklace (Uh)

I got the cash if I don't get credit (Uh)

And I'm well respected so she feel protected

So scratch all the exes (Ex), it's next like contestants (Woo)

It's blessings, no stressing, I'm flexing

Got one car parked right in the entrance

Got one car parked right at the exit

See, you didn't expect this, you think like a robot

I put bands in yo face like Botox

(via Genius)

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