Cardi B, Steve Carrell & Lil Jon Are OKAY in Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial

We thought we'd have to wait til Sunday's game to see Cardi B in the Pepsi Super Bowl commercial. It's here now and I'm hella underwhelmed.

Steve Carrell is adorably white-dad-awkward as he tries to imitate Lil Jon's "OKAY!". Cardi was cute in the 3.2 seconds we saw of her in the 60 second commercial. I loved her entrance but she didn't say a word beyond "Okurrrrt!"

I'm looking at Pepsi like ya'll really hired one of the most influential pop culture icons right now and that's all you did? They must be doing it for the older generation that doesn't have a clue who Cardi is. You know some old man named Greg would lose it if they gave her more lines.

My final rating: Meh.

Watch the commercial below and decide for yourself.

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