Jimmy Fallon is Honorary Puerto Rican For This

Jimmy Fallon took The Tonight Show to Puerto Rico to celebrate Lin-Manuel Miranda doing a week-long run of Hamilton on the island!

And wow this might be my favorite Tonight Show episode in a long time. 

Of course Jimmy did his Broadway thing and performed with Lin-Manuel and the Hamilton cast. But I LOVED the way he really embraced Puerto Rico. 

Jose Feliciano (yes the Feliz Navidad guy) and Ozuna performed "En Mi Viejo San Juan", a love song to Puerto Rico. Think the national anthem but like way more emotional. I'm half Puerto Rican and couldn't help but cry watching their performance. Puerto Rico has been through so much since Hurricane Maria but the people are resilient. 

Jimmy knows the island still needs help and spent a lot of time telling viewers how they can do their part.

Watch The Tonight Show desde Puerto Rico below. 

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