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Every Adorable Stan Lee Cameo Ever

Stan Lee

Getty Images/Photo by Frazer Harrison

Stan Lee's death hit me right in the heart. The creator of Marvel comics did more than just dream up superheroes. He created heroes who had very human flaws and made them worthy to look up to. 

I'll always remember stealing my brothers' comics when I was a ten-year-old tomboy. While mainstream pop culture and a traditional mother tried convincing me that being girly and helpless was more "ladylike", I was reading about how the badass Jean Grey was the most powerful of the X-Men. Stan created female heroes who were intelligent, strong and emotional without always being hysterical. They were also in skimpy uniforms but that's a whole other issue.

Stan Lee Cameos

One of my favorite things Stan Lee did were the constant cameos he did across the Marvel TV shows and movies for years! It was always some random little no name character but I loved it. I'd get so excited watching the new MCU movies to see when the adorable Papa Stan was gonna show up.

It seems like he already shot his cameo for Avengers 4 but no word whether or not he'll pop in Captain Marvel.

Watch every single one of those precious cameos below.

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