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My 5 Halloween Movie Picks on Netflix Right Now

Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

People celebrate Halloween differently. Some go trick or treating, others throw raging costume parties and those who do the bare minimum just chill at home eating candy and carving pumpkins. 

But at some point we all the celebrate the season with a spooky movie or two. I love a good horror movie. I've been watching them since I was technically too young to be (sorry not sorry, Mom). Netflix has a good selection of scary movies right now to get you on the edge of a healthy anxiety attack. 

Here are my top five:

1. The Shining

Stanley Kubrick's classic has me on edge almost the entire time BECAUSE OF THE MUSIC. Ugh it's too good. 

2. Interview with a Vampire

Appreciating 90s Brad Pitt and teeny Kirsten Dunst creeping you out. What else could you need?

3. Hush

It's like cat and mouse if the mouse was deaf and the cat was a sadistic murderer. I swear this movie almost gave me a panic attack. Fun!

4. Cabin Fever

Add to your list to see Rider Strong in something besides Boy Meets World, stay for the cheesy 2002 teen movie tropes. And the gore. Oh WOW is there so much gore. 

5. Coraline

Don't laugh! Coraline is a kid's movie but it's still creepy as hell! This is the movie for scary movie weenies who still want to feel a little spooked. 

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