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Buzzfeed's LadyLike Test Out Oakleaf High School's Intense Dress Code

Ah, high school dress codes written for females. They suck. Proven over and over again to be more strict than they are for guys. Take it from the girl who had to wear the over-sized T-shirt of Shame in 2007 at Orange Park High School. 

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Look at lil high school Catalina. She just wanted to have fun and figure out her brows.

It was a warmer spring day and I was wearing a super cute lace-trimmed polka dot spaghetti strap top with another blue tank underneath for an added layer of modesty. It was a combination I had worn sooo many times before without problems. Then on this particular day, I was walking to class when a teacher I didn't know pointed at me and shouted from across the hallway, "You! Come here. Now." I was embarrassed and terrified because I never got in trouble. 

She immediately started in on me with "What do you think you're wearing?" and "This looks like lingerie" and "Do you think this is dress code appropriate?". The answer to the last question was obviously no cause the dress code basically said "OMG SHOULDERS ARE SCANDALOUS" and all tank top straps had to be two inches wide. 

I was marched to the nurses' office, written up (again WTF cause I NEVER got in trouble) and forced to wear an extra large navy blue T-shirt. I didn't know if it was clean or the hygiene of the person who wore it before me but it was on my body. At 18 years old, I was super self conscious about my boobs cause they were bigger than average and I was tiny. I tried to cover them however I could. The way I was looked at and spoken to about my shirt and my body was humiliating and made me want to hide even more. 

So, yeah, I technically broke dress code. I dealt with it by secretly calling my mom between classes on my flip phone (never said I was a saint) and asked if she could bring my denim jacket. What I still can't get over is I wore that same shirt combination again before the end of the year and didn't get in trouble. An already ridiculous dress code is even more so when it's half-assedly enforced. 

What's truly a joke is the dress code hasn't changed much ten years later! Buzzfeed's LadyLike tested Oakleaf High School's dress code and it's nuts. 

Having everyone cover their shoulders is an improvement from just targeting girls, but damn this is Florida and it's hot. Students can't wear yoga pants but there isn't a rule specifically against wearing basketball shorts. You know, the silky basketball shorts that easily outline the main differences between male and female. Don't even get me started on why there isn't a rule against gray sweat pants for guys.

Watch them test dress codes from other Florida high schools below. 

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