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'The Hills' Recap If You Don't Remember Why We Don't Need a Reboot

During the VMAs, MTV announced "The Hills" is getting a reboot called "The Hills: New Beginnings."

And all your favorites are back! Except for Lauren Conrad, Lo Bosworth, Whitney Port and Kristen Cavallari. So maybe not ALL your favorites. 

The second string squad with Audrina Patridge, Spencer and Heidi Pratt, that stage five friend clinger Frankie, a guy I don't recognize at all, Justin Bobby and Stephanie Pratt are gonna be back on MTV sometime in 2019.

They showed up on the VMA red carpet last night and they're grown up with a kids! HOW FUN.

I'm not here for this, ok? 

Spencer and Heidi annoy the hell out of me and I already know what's going on with everyone else because Instagram exists. It's the same reason why I didn't care about my 10 year high school reunion: you post your whole life on Facebook so I know what you're up to. I'm not paying $60 to pretend I don't know so we can catch up in person. 

The only cast member I was curious about is Justin Bobby but he came to Jax so I'm caught up.

It's especially less interesting because the main girls won't be in the reboot. Lauren said she's in a different place in her life with a family and running several projects. Kristin is out because she's contractually obligated to E! for her own reality show, Very Cavallari.

The trailer doesn't show any of the cast, just a lame voice over about growing up. 

If YOU wanna watch this reboot, catch up on six seasons of crazy below. 

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