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Lollapalooza Day One: Missing Our Flight and Khalid's Big Surprise

Lollapalooza started off...interesting.

We woke up at 2 a.m. Thursday morning to head down to Orlando to catch our flight. We stopped for coffee on the way, but nothing woke us up more than missing our flight. We rushed through TSA and RAN down the hallway to our gate, but they weren't having it. 

We could literally see the plane because it was seriously like 5 stupid minutes that we were late but noooo we had to reschedule. We're not still salty, it's fine. Whatever. ANYWAY, we got a lil dramatic and put on a whole show for the flight attendants and finessed our way onto the next flight to Chicago. Mel fell asleep immediately and no one would hold my hand during take off. Very sad. But we made it! We got on the L (not the train) to our Airbnb to drop off our bags and change. 

We got hooked up with a lot of our outfits for this weekend from H&M at the St. Augustine Outlets, The Copper Closet and Therapy Threads, so shout out to them. We'll have full outfit details for in a fashion roundup you can't miss so you can see how we brought Jacksonville style up to Chicago. 

Lollapalooza entry took a hot minute so pro tip: get there early. We finally got inside and the park is INSANE. It takes about 15 minutes to walk across it and there are eight stages. The two main stages are on complete opposite sides of the park so if you're here for the big artists, you better wear comfy shoes. The park, however, has an amazing view of the city skyline and watching the sunset over the stages is the most surreal feeling in the world.

Khalid Blesses Us with Normani

We started the night with Khalid who was just as amazing as you'd expect. He sounds EXACTLY like he does on the radio, if not better. And then, as if he wasn't amazing enough, he BROUGHT OUT NORMANI to do "Love Lies". Ya girls almost fainted. Honestly the crowd did a collective gasp and we refuse to believe they aren't dating. And if they aren't, they need to. It was a steamy, hella cute performance and we're still shook.

Camila Cabello Channels Prince's Style

Next up was Camila. A goddess, queen of course. She did her hits, a few covers and even some B-sides for the Camilizers in the crowd. Her outfit was kind of a shock because between the velvet suit and lace-y shirt, the girl was lookin like baby Prince! (RIP)

Lolla Packs Out for Galantis

We finished our night with Galantis because Mel had a little inside tip that one of our Kiss FM faves was making an appearance. Galantis played a HUGE stage with the most insane light show we've ever seen. Thousands of people stood shoulder to sweaty shoulder for this set. They were so incredibly fun and we literally danced through their entire set. Then, the moment we were waiting for -- they brought out Max to perform (for the first time ever) their new song "Satisfied". IT. WAS. AMAZING.

Watch the video below to get familiar. 

The two AM wake up kinda kicked our asses, so we didn't make it to any after parties, but night two was lit so get ready to read about Day 2.

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