You Ready for Season 2 of '13 Reasons Why'?

13 Reasons Why on Netflix was the most controversial show of 2017. It was graphic, ugly, a little sensationalized but it got everyone talking about suicide and mental health.

The fans (ME) have been waiting impatiently for season 2's release date. We finally got it and a couple plot hints in the teaser trailer below.


Not to start putting plot holes in this season before it even comes out -- but how the hell did Hannah Baker have time to record all these tapes AND take a bunch of polaroids??? 

I'm looking forward to how they filmed season two. A lot of critics rightfully said the first season should have come with trigger warnings. I'm wondering how graphic they plan to be considering there was a shooting in the season finale. The show's creator said this season will be more about recovery and dealing with the fallout from Hannah's death.

The first season brought up so much conversation around teenagers and mental health. We talked about it on our But First, Brunch podcast. My opinion definitely clashed with the negative reaction from experts. 

You can listen to that episode below.



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