Foo Fighters Bring John Travolta on Stage at Welcome to Rockville

Foo Fighters being in Jacksonville was already a big deal. But during their set at Welcome to Rockville, they started covering "You're the One That I Want" from Grease and Dave Grohl brought out John Travolta! 

Totally unexpected. John seemed a little embarrassed but it was kind of cute. Watch the OMG moment below!

WARNING: some NSFW language


No one reeeally knows why John was in town. Some say it was just to go to Rockville or that he has a home in Gainesville/Ponte Vedra Beach/Ocala.

He could have been visiting his long-time stunt double who lives in Jax! John Travolta and Nick Loren go waaay back! Like almost 20 years!


No clue why John was here but I'm hating my stomach bug for keeping me from seeing that EPIC Foo Fighters show. 



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