Local Business Fined by City Official for Flying Military Flags


Oh, it ain't over yet! The city inspector has been suspended. A witness said she saw the inspector say something super rude to a customer who is also a military vet.

The city inspector, Melissa Power, posted an apology and explanation on FB but deleted it. This is the internet, boo and screenshots are everything! Click here to see what she wrote.

Original Story:

A Facebook Live rant is going viral after Jaguar Power Sports was fined by the city for flying military flags! 

The guy in the video is Shaun, the finance manager. He claims the city official not only fined him but also insulted a customer who is a veteran. It definitely seems like there's more to this story because he was only fined for the military flags and not the Jags or American flags.

The original video is below. 

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