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The Pulse: Party Like the Greeks, Support the Symphony and New Rock Soul

OPA! It's finally Friday! There are some really fun things happening tonight so get out there, girl. 

Jacksonville Greek Festival @ Morocco Shrine Center

The only people I've met who party harder than Latinos are the Greeks! My family and I had so much fun at Greek Fest last year. The menu is packed with the most amazing food: gyros, spanakopita, stuffed grape leaves and the best dessert spread you'll see all weekend. 

The bar is definitely open. You can take a shot of ouzo, the preferred Greek party liquor, but if the burning flavor of licorice isn't your thing (cause EW) then try it in a much tastier Lemon Ouzo Mojito. 

And dance! Greek dancing is a little confusing at first but jump in and these sweets Greeks will hold your hands and teach you the steps. 

Greek Fest is all weekend! Click here for hours, happy hour times, and tickets.

Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark with the Jax Symphony @ Times-Union Center

Watching a fine, younger Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones movies at home is great. No one to judge you when you shout "Damn he is so FINE!" at the TV. But watching Raiders of the Lost Ark while the Jacksonville Symphony plays the score (the music you hear during the movie) with the film is an experience you have to try. Film nerds will appreciate the score made legendary by composer John Williams.

I saw Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone with the symphony playing live and it was seriously incredible. It totally immerses you into the dramatic highs and lows of the movie. 

Click here for show times and tickets.

New Rock Soul @ Lynch's Irish Pub

Full disclosure: I stan so hard for this band since I saw them play at the St. John's Town Center's Holiday Spectacular. New Rock Soul covers a lot of current hits and older party songs but in a TOTALLY different way. The lead singer Jatarra has a powerful voice that'll wake up the dead and make them wanna dance. The band as a whole is such a badass blend of rock, funk and pop. 

Hit PLAY on the IG video above to see what I'm talking about. Go see them at Lynch's in Jax Beach and wait for them to cover Demi Lovato's "Sorry Not Sorry." It'll give you goosebumps. 

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