A Curly Hair Tip That Actually Worked

Curly hair is beautiful, but a massive pain in the ass. 

I have a thick curly/wavy combo. Click here to find out your curl type. It makes a huge difference that I'll explain later. My curl journey (yes, it is a damn journey) started at slick backed pony tails in elementary school to eventually letting my hair do whatever the hell it wanted. I've spent probably thousands of dollars on hair products and cuts. Eventually, my hair and I came to a mutual understanding that I'd tame it with some coconut oil and a curling wand when it was too crazy for my tv hosting gigs. 

Years of weighing it down with product along with weekly heat styling changed my curl pattern. It didn't bounce back as much and would lose formation and turn into a long carpet of frizz. Not cute.

And then I found this video from Buzzfeed. Cue angels singing.


I already have the special curl haircut, thanks to the genius Daniel of Daniel James Salon. It really does make a difference! I tried the rest of the tips in the video, drying my hair with my boyfriend's old t-shirt, using this gel (knowing your hair type helps you find the right gel!) and diffusing the ends a bit because they were still dripping which feels gross when you're wearing an off-the-shoulder dress. It took two hours to completely air dry but no joke -- my hair came back to LIFE.

It's not perfect on day one, but are curls ever exactly what we want? I'm really excited to keep styling it this way to get my curls' groove back. 

Let me know if it works for you too! Tweet me @catalinaonair. You're welcome, curl sisters.



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