Justin Bobby from 'The Hills' Was in Jax and This is What He Does Now

You remember Justin Bobby from MTV's The Hills, right? He was known as Audrina's sketchy kinda sorta boyfriend. And he burped a lot.

The guy does more than (hopefully) control his gas problem these days. It looks like Justin Bobby is taking a break from being a hairdresser.

He was in Jacksonville the other night on tour with his one-man punk band. Yeah. It's just JB. 

Bobbyrock made a stop at Hourglass Pub downtown to promote his new album OuTTa tUne N oFF BeAt

I'm so sad I missed this.

Hourglass said on their Instagram he was "very professional." Looks like the guy keeps shedding the douchey skin The Hills writers put him in. Do you, JB.

But never forget he once wore combat boots to the beach.

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