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Hope, Famously Silent Ex of Robby Hayes, Speaks Out on 'Bachelorette' Drama

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*Let me preface the snark you'll read in this post with what I always say when talking about The Bachelor franchise: I think it's total BS and anyone who thinks it isn't manufactured needs to get pushed into the Antarctic Ocean in hopes they become woke. 

Let's talk about how the reality show drama came to Jacksonville. 

Jax native Robby Hayes was cast as one of the many bored men looking for a little fame by competing for Jojo Fletcher's heart on  The Bachelorette.

This ain't about Robby, though. 

During that season, rumors started flying that he dumped his ex Hope Higginbotham to go on the show. No one ever got her side of the story because she turned down interviews (even with me) left and right, even when she was offered "large amounts of money".

In my conversations with her, she seemed sweet and kind of shell shocked at all the things media outlets and people were saying FOR and about her. Now after a whole year, Hope has come out and given her side of what happened. Everything from finding out Robby was on the show by seeing it on a gossip rag cover in line at Publix to what she learned from the experience. 

Click here to read Hope's post.

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