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Watch a Delta Employee Lie to Kick Paying Customers Off a Plane

One day we'll be able to fly from city to city, around the world and not have to worry about airlines overselling flights and kicking off paying passengers.

But today is not that day.

One family got booted from a red-eye Delta flight from Maui to Los Angeles. One employee thought it would be helpful to threaten them by saying the parents would be arrested and their kids would go to foster care. The dad uploaded a good chunk of the incident on YouTube with the story in the caption:

Here is a video of Delta airlines booting myself, my wife and my 2 children ages 1 and 2 off delta flight 2222 April 23 from Maui to LAX. They oversold the flight and asked us to give up a seat we purchased for my older son that my younger son was sitting in. You will hear them lie to me numerous times to get my son out of the seat.The end result was we were all kicked off the flight. They then filled our 4 seats with 4 customers that had tickets but no seats. They oversold the flight. When will this all stop? It was midnight in Maui and we had to get a hotel and purchase new tickets the following day.

What's really messed up is the Delta employee who said the baby can't be in a child seat on the flight LIED, blaming Federal Aviation Administration regulations as the reason they were getting kicked off. Jenna the Delta employee said the baby has to be in the parent's lap the entire flight. According to the FAA, a kid SHOULD be in an FAA-approved child restraint system during the flight because they say it's safer than an adult's lap. The only exception is during taxi, take-off and landing. The FAA does warn that terms and rules about how and when to use a CRS is up to the airline.

So let's check Delta's terms.

Delta's website says parents traveling with a kid under two years old are recommended to "purchase a seat on the aircraft and use an approved child safety seat." The only place on Delta flights you can't use a CRS is in a seat or a specific plane where the "airbag seat belt cannot be deactivated."

I feel so bad for this family. It doesn't seem like Delta was justified in throwing them off the flight.

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