Mila Kunis Surprises Her Parents By Renovating the Condo She Grew Up In

Not many people know that Mila Kunis comes from an immigrant family. 

Her parents moved the family from Ukraine to Los Angeles when Mila was seven years old. She remembers her parents constantly busting their butts to provide the best life possible for her and her brother in the condo they grew up in.

Now, after years of Hollywood success that she says started in that condo, she wanted to thank her parents by renovating that outdated space.

And omg her parents are the cutest. When her dad saw the renovated condo he said, "When you're angry and you don't like something, you have a lot of words to explain why you're angry. But if you're happy, you're just happy! That's it. It's not much words to explain your happiness."


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