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Before Guy Has to Put Down His Dog, He Gives Him the Happiest Last Day

Nineten-year-old Parker loved his Cocker Spaniel, Jett the way most of us love our pets: HARD AF. Jett was a huge part of Parker's childhood.

Then Jett was diagnosed with heart disease and the vet gave him three months to live. 

That news is hard enough to hear. Then Parker and his family saw the pain poor Jett was going through and made the decision to put him down. 

Parker gave Jett one last day full of his favorite things: a car ride, the park and eating people food -- something he never got to do. Then Parker had to say goodbye. 

It's all in the sweet tribute video Parker tweeted out. 

WARNING: Jett's final moments may be disturbing to some

Omgaaah I was bawling my soul out watching this.

It's never easy making that decision. When my sweet Boxer Palomo was diagnosed with liver cancer, I wanted to be stubborn and spend the thousands of dollars on chemo and drugs to help him. But when I saw him struggling just to stand up to relieve himself, I knew I wasn't doing him any favors. 

People on Twitter couldn't handle all that damn emotion of losing a dog they never met.

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