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What Was the Most Popular Slang Word the Year You Were Born?

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Good Housekeeping dug real deep into the pop culture archives and found the most popular slang term from 1926 to 2006.

Most of us aren't using 1968's "bippy" so we'll just start at 1980.

1980: frizzy

1981: chill pill

1982: buff

1983: beat box

1984: that's major -- thank you DJ Khaled for bring that back.

1985: radness

1986: studmuffin

1987: couch surfing -- this was 87's way of saying couch potato.

1988: f-bomb -- the actual word, though. This is my birth year and I think this is my favorite word. Lolol.

1989: trash talk

Oh, the 90s. All the slang we were actually old enough to use.

1990: kewl

1991: tighty whiteys -- did people really care that much about ugly underwear?

1992: NOT -- this is all Wayne's World's fault.

1993: da bomb

1994: Benjamins -- when Diddy was Daddy.

1995: as if -- this one is ICONIC from Clueless

1996: whatever -- timeless.

1997: jiggy -- it was a movement! Will Smith was lit this year.

1998: phat

1999: bling

Now, the 2000s. People wanna rag on millennial slang but just tell those hater to refer back to 1986's studmuffin.

2000: whassup?

2001: whale-tail -- when your thing sticks out over your pants. Lol.

2002: hella -- yoooo I still use this on air!

2003: peeps

2004: muffin top

2005: fo sheezy and fo shizzle -- I'll be so happy if I never hear anyone use these ever again. Stop ruining words, Snoop.

2006: sick, like "That shirt is so sick." 

Click here for the list of all the words and definitions. 

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