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Stanton Prep Students Not Okay with 'Good Girl' Poster About Prom Dresses

Photo: Twitter 

Flyers were put up in a Stanton Prep classroom had social media on fire. 

The flyers had several examples of prom dresses as guidelines for what female students should be wearing to prom. The approved dress had the caption, "Going to Stanton Prom? Yes you are. Good girl."

Good girl? GOOD GIRL?

What kind of demeaning, patriarchal, sexist bs is that?!

Thankfully, this is 2017 and Stanton Prep students know better. They unleashed on Twitter using the hashtag #SCPSgoodgirl.

One student even pointed out that this weak attempt at enforcing dress code was too late because prom is NEXT WEEK.

The story and hashtag was spread pretty wide after activist Alexis Isabel, who has been published in Nylon Mag, retweeted the photo.

Thankfully, this form of slut shaming is not approved by the Duval County Public Schools. They responded to the situation on Twitter.

It's a start. Now, let's get rid of archaic dress codes and teach boys to RESPECT women, no matter what they wear.

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