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Latina Claps Back at Another Latina's Xenophobic Rant

It's so sad for me, as a Latina (a minority), to see another Latina hate on a pair who look Middle Eastern (another minority in this country. I'll come back to that later).

And I'm not the only one as you can tell in this video where another Latina calls out the woman attacking a complete stranger

Some of the conversation is in Spanish so I'll walk you through it:

You hear the first woman rudely asking a man off-camera "Why are you here? Why are you in this country if you're not with us?" You can barely hear the guy's response. 

Another woman with a slight accent pipes up asking her to stop and. the first woman angrily responds with "You don't understand. You're not even from here!"

In walks MY GIRL Tracey Tong, who is Chinese and Peruvian, asking where the woman is from. Turns out she's from Puerto Rico. Tracey tries speaking some truth in Spanish.

"I think you're being unfair, we have to be united," Tracey told the woman. "You can't attack another person. that's absolutely ridiculous and disrespectful."

The woman seems to assume that the pair is a couple and the man is Muslim i.e., "terrorist." She claims "They are the reason we are in this situation." Tracey continued to passionately defend the two passengers.

"Exactly. Why are we going to fight with these people and create more problems? We have to act together." The woman tried to tell Tracey to butt out but TRACEY AIN'T HERE FOR YOUR IGNORANCE, SEÑORA.

"Don't start attacking a woman who looks innocent. It's not your problem!"

You faintly hear the man say they aren't together and it's the women's racism coming out.

Tracey tries to empathize with the woman saying she understands what Hispanics in this country are dealing with, then she goes IN.

"I’m not telling you to be quiet, I’m asking you to please respect her in Spanish, in English, in Chinese, in French ― whatever language you want me to tell you in. I will say it to you,” Tong says in English while raising her voice. “Whether you’re born here, Puerto Rico or wherever you are from. Because I am born here and I don’t like the way you’re treating her. It’s rude. We’re here in it together, OK? We’re all in this together, whether we like what’s going on in the government or not. F**k it, we gotta deal with it. You’re a grown woman, you suck it up and you defend your brothers and sisters because that’s what you are. If you’re a part of this country, you’re brothers and sisters."

Pero en serio, it's hard enough being a minority in an age where racism is so open. Listen to my girl Tracey and understand how important it is for minorities to support each other against hate. 

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