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Five Artists You Need on Repeat Right Now

Nothing reignites your love for music like a music festival. Okeechobee Music + Arts Festival was last week but I can't stop reliving all the incredible live performances. 

Here's my breakdown of Okeechobee artists that need space on your playlist:

WARNING: some audio contains NSFW language


He calls himself "your favorite hypebeast DJ." Daaaaamn he was so right. This musically well-rounded DJ out of Orlando drew a pretty big crowd at a smaller stage during the festival. 

He entinced us with remixed Ice Cube and we stayed for the EDM/Drake fusion. I MISSED PART OF GALLANT FOR THIS GUY. Check out his Okeechobee set below.


Photo by: Wildly Civil

Gallant is the future of baby-makin music. His alt-R&B falsetto melts into you. It makes 100% sense why he's touring with John Legend. Btw, they're both coming to the St. Augustine Amphitheater in May!

He's already toured with Sufjan Stevens, played 2016 Coachella, been Elvis Duran's Artist of the Month and been nominated for a FREAKING GRAMMY. Ology didn't win Best Urban Contemporary Album this year, but just wait. He's gonna have a whole arm full of Grammys one day.


Photo by: Pauly Rock Photo

I've been hooked on Sturgill Simpson for months because my boyfriend Andrew has been playing him in our apartment nonstop. If you're not into bro country (Jake Owen, Florida Georgia Line), try some Sturgill. He's a total badass. 

Oh yeah, and he WON the 2017 Grammy for Best Country Album. Take that Jake Owen. Sorry, I just really hate bro country and Jake Owen.

Sturgill's roots are American blue collar and you hear it in his music. Almost every track is a beautiful story crafted around his upbringing with blues-y rock guitar riffs. His single "Brace for Impact (Live a Little)" is one of my favorites.


Photo by: Wildly Civil

I have no words. Solange is a goddess. Another Grammy winning artist. Another phenomenal performance.


Please forgive our off-key singing. When two drunk Latinas hear Selena, all composure is left on the floor.


Photo by: Wildly Civil

Most of us have been listening to Usher since he was 16 years old. We know his lyrics and every note of every hit by heart. But when Usher vibes with The Roots (the freaking Roots!!!), the funk they mix into his R&B was PERFECT. 

This was my favorite Okeechobee Music Fest performance! We were reliving our favorite Usher throwbacks but rediscovering them by what The Roots added.

Even if you've heard their songs a million times, re-adding either artist to your playlists is a good idea.

Enjoy their entire Okeechobee set below. 

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