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She's Making Hundreds of Dollars on Instagram By Smashing Her Face in Bread

You wouldn't expect people to be entertained by watching a woman smash her face into bread, but everyone's into something, right?

Meet Bread Face. Her Instagram breadfaceblog is "giving people something they didn't ask for". I didn't ask to find this, and I didn't ask to spend 30 minutes watching her throw her face into SO MANY different types of bread. But she knew what I wanted.

Damn this chick is smart. She has more than 167,000 followers and the extra income to prove it.

And she's making money from this! Not from the usual way IG celebs do, like endorsement deals with tea that makes you BFFs with your toilet. Her fans are sending her money or clothes to wear in her videos. She told Business Insider sometimes she doesn't get any money one week but others she's banking, getting hundreds of dollars.

Her first video posted over a year ago featured a potato roll and Fetty Wap's "Trap Queen" playing in the background.

It's always just her, half her face showing, sitting at a table with her bready subject/victim of choice, music playing in the background, ready to dive in. She never talks, which I'm guessing adds to the weirdly therapeutic appeal. 

After watching her roll through King's Hawaiian Sweet rolls, I look at them a little differently at Publix now.

Don't try to make sense of it. Just watch and forget about that pile of laundry you still need to fold.

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