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E! Reporter Says Camila Cabello Should Ditch Her Name

Erin Lim is the host of E! News' Snapchat segment called The Rundown. The reporter is catching major heat for commenting on Camila Cabello. She just had to throw in her two cents about what the Cuban-Mexican-American should do with her last name.

And of course, Twitter is poppin off.

Here's the video that started everything:

As a proud Latina, lemme explain how important a name is. It's our heritage. When families leave their home countries to come to the US, they assimilate into American culture. We learn the language, eat the food, participate is American customs all while trying to hold onto our culture at home. 

The one thing that does not change, no matter what country a Latino moves to, is their last name. So excuuuuuse me perra if our last names are too hard for you too pronounce. Try a little harder. It takes a thimble-worth of effort to say CA-BE-YO.

Twitter is not here for Erin Lim's ignorance either.

There was no rest for Twitter. Erin even got burned for trying to celebrate National Margarita Day.

You're welcome for the culture lesson, preciosa. 

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