Progress Made In Cape Cod Recovery Following 2 Tornadoes

Cape Cod Tornado

Tornado damage in Harwich. (James Rojas/WBZ NewsRadio)

YARMOUTH, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — Life is beginning to go back to normal after two tornadoes wreaked havoc on Cape Cod earlier this week.

One tornado touched down in the Barnstable and Yarmouth area around noon on Tuesday. Another tornado also touched down in Harwich.

WBZ NewsRadio spoke with Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) spokesperson Chris Besse about progress being made on the Cape. He said that a number of state and local agencies are involved in the cleanup efforts.

“We have a bunch of state agencies that we have sent down to help — the National Guard has been down there, the Department of Transportation, the Department of Conservation and Recreation,” Besse said. “We’ve also reached out to some other communities across the state. So, Boston sent down a contingent of their public works crews to all help out. So, it’s a combination of state agencies and other local public works as well.”

Besse said Cape Cod is “starting to get back to normal.”

Power has been fully restored on Cape Cod since the tornadoes. Thousands of homes were reported to have been without power.

“At this point, clearing the debris is really the main priority for the local officials. So, we continue to work with them and support that operation,” Besse said.

A wetland emergency declaration in coordination with Yarmouth and Harwich was issued on Wednesday.

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