This Bachelor Contestant Was In A Taylor Swift Music Video!

The Bachelor kicked off for another season on Monday, January 23rd and there's one contestant that looks familiar...

Some viewers compared her to the likes Lauren Conrad, Meghan Trainor, Kelsea Ballerini, and even Miley Cyrus - but it's not who she looks like that makes her familiar, it's whose music video she was in!

Christina Mandrell appeared in the music video for "Fifteen" by Taylor Swift all the way back in 2009!

Once fans caught on that it was her, Christina joined in on the joke! "Apparently I look at Zach the same way I look at Taylor Swift." Watch the TikTok below!

In preparation for the release of the "Lavender Haze" music video tonight, why not binge all of Taylor's music videos? You can start with "Fifteen"!

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