Will Niall Horan's Candle Burn Out Tomorrow?

In case you missed it, Niall Horan has been teasing new music for over a month now - most recently revealing a website on January 21st, heavenwontbethesame.com, which is also the name of his upcoming single.

When you click on the website, you're taken to a landing page that has a blue and white candle lit in front of a window with a cloudy sky background - and it has been melting since its launch.

I saw TikTok user curiouslyhoran inspect the website further into its html/source code, but it has since been deleted... so I decided to do it myself! Just trust me on this...

This is the first thing you see pulling up the source code!

BUT further down and using the find in page shortcut... we even find out when the candle burns out...

"26 Jan 2023 17:00:00 GMT" - Yup, that's tomorrow 5:00 PM Wednesday, Greenwich Mean Time OR 12:00 PM EST for us!

Will this mean we get the single tomorrow? I'm honestly not sure... several lines down it's coded to add a new date, but does not say what it is at this time.

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