Logan Lerman Responds To Being Dubbed "The Internet's Boyfriend"

I've had a crush on Logan Lerman since the days of "Hoot", ok?

Logan Lerman joined Hoda & Jenna on Today where they talked about him being dubbed "The Internet's Boyfriend" and showed him fans' TikToks. Check out the clip below!

First of all, he is looking SO GOOD! Secondly, he needs to get on TikTok!

Logan Lerman appeared to talk about the second and final season of Amazon Prime's "Hunters" from executive producer Jordan Peele and working alongside Al Pacino - which comes out TOMORROW January 13th!

"Hunters" is easily a top 5 show for me - check out the trailer for the final season below... but if you haven't seen the first season, there's some serious spoilers!

If you want to watch the full interview of Logan Lerman with Hoda and Jenna, check it out on TODAY.

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