Noah Kahan Shares the Meaning of "Stick Season" With Genius

The song that took over TikTok, "Stick Season" by Noah Kahan, finally got what it deserves... a Genius official lyrics & meanings interview!

Noah explains that "Stick Season" was named for a specific time of year in his Vermont hometown...

“It was a term that was used by some of the older folks in the town I grew up in to describe this really miserable time of year when it’s just kind of gray and cold, and there’s no snow yet and the beauty of the foliage is done.”

Noah Kahan went viral for his song "Stick Season" on TikTok - so much that he sold out VIP and general seating on his January-February run of the "Stick Season Tour" and is already having to add dates to his upcoming "Stick Season Summer Tour". Fans compared getting tickets to Noah Kahan's tour to getting tickets to Taylor Swift's "The Eras Tour'... impossible.

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