It's National Cookie Day! How to Make "Boyfriend Cookies"

Happy National Cookie Day!

My favorite kind of cookie can't be bought in the store. "Boyfriend Cookies" is a recipe created by Sinful Southern Sweets, and it's basically every type of cookie concocted into one - chocolate chip, peanut butter and chocolate, M&M’s, and more!

The creator named them "Boyfriend Cookies" because...

1)They're so good, they just MIGHT land you a boyfriend 2) They're sooo good, you might trade your boyfriend for one more cookie :) 3) They're so good, you might just forget you want/need a boyfriend. But also, not to be forgotten 4) If you have a boyfriend, and he doesn't like these, it might be a good indicator that you need to kick him to the curb....because something has just got to be wrong with him!! They are that good :)

Check out the recipe here!

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