Everyone is Thirsting Over the New Purple Wiggle

The famous Australian group, The Wiggles, have expanded their members! They now have two members of each significant color - red, blue, purple, and yellow - totaling 8! The newest purple member, John Pearce, has gained a lot of attention for his appearance!

Sad to see a ring on that finger 😫

John's official Wiggles bio says: "John's favourite colour is purple, he loves getting strong and working out!"

& man oh man, does he love working out. He competed on Australian Ninja Warrior in 2017!

So... how exactly did John end up singing with The Wiggles? Well, he was a part of Australian group Justice Crew beforehand!

Did you notice something? John has a TWIN BROTHER named Lenny! But they couldn't look any more different now!

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