This Is How To Get Free McDonald's For Life!

Introducing the Legendary McDonald’s McGold Card... to the public at least.

A range of VIP's and celebrities, such as Rob Lowe, have been able to obtain the McGold card in the past, receiving free McDonald's for life.

How do you go about getting one? Simply make a purchase through your rewards account in the McDonald's app between December 5-25! You can get additional entries by ordering once per day.

What do they mean by "for life"? Well, the official rules say that the card is good for $1,040 per year for 50 years, equivalent to two meals per week. HOWEVER if you do win the McGold card, you can opt to receive a one-year card and $50,960 cash prize! Share the love by giving McGold cards to three of your friends. The winner will also receive a check for $22,285 to “help offset taxes on the Prize” - but not for your friends.

Find out more info on lifehacker and McDonald's website!

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