Top Recurring Holiday Gifts To Give & Receive

I am BIG on gift giving. I always try to give my friends and family gifts that they will use regularly, rather than just a one-and-done, unless it's some kind of experience - like a concert! I would prefer the same on the receiving end.

Apparently, I'm not the only one that feels this way... "A survey of 2,000 Americans who celebrate a winter holiday by giving or receiving gifts found 81% prefer receiving gifts they’ll actually use throughout the year."

According to the same survey, "Americans can appreciate a practical gift by age 24." Well, I guess I'm ahead of the curve... the last two Christmases I have received a vacuum cleaner and an air purifier!

When in doubt of what to give or get, Americans have a few things on their Christmas list that are recurring.


1. Candy/chocolate 47%

2. Something homemade 44%

3. A gift card/money 46%

4. Makeup products 37%

5. Books 34%

6. Self-care items 33%

7. A toothbrush 32%

8. Skin products 31%

9. Underwear 30%

10. Pajamas 30%

Source: SWNSdigital

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