Most Popular Dream Jobs Adults Had As Children

Growing up, I watched a lot of Animal Planet and wanted to rescue animals! Obviously that didn't pan out because I'm here now... but little did I know that my dream job would change to be working in the music industry when I became a teenager!

2,000 adults were surveyed and 67% of respondents have not fulfilled their childhood dream jobs, of that 67%, 58% wish they had and 83% are not pursuing it at all in their adulthood.

Minds change, and frankly, when you're a kid you really don't know what all is out there!


1. Doctor

2. Teacher

3. Veterinarian

4. Musician

5. Movie star

6. Professional athlete

7. Artist

8. Business owner

9. Writer

10. Police officer

Head to SWNSdigital to find out the Top 20! As well as dream jobs by gender - because every little boy wanted to be a superhero!

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