Drake Bought a Missing Theme Park... but it's Art

The 'theme park' of Luna Luna has been missing for 35 years from the world.

Luna Luna is a functional amusement park where the rides and attractions also happened to be contemporary art from the likes of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Salvador Dalí, which Heller had conceptualized and opened, briefly, in Hamburg, Germany, in 1987.

The amusement park itself is art! With... "a carousel by Keith Haring, an enchanted tree by David Hockney, a glass labyrinth by Roy Lichtenstein with music by Philip Glass."

So how does Drake fit into all of this?

Drake's business and management team, DreamCrew, heard about Luna Luna in 2019 from Michael Goldberg and brought in Live Nation... "to not only take the works out of storage and restore them, but to make Luna Luna a traveling attraction, complete with new amusement rides commissioned by today’s working artists."

Drake has already invested nearly $100 million into the project, and it will all be captured for a documentary.

Luna Luna is now dubbed as the world's first traveling amusement park, set to tour North America in 2023!

Read more on New York Times and visit Luna Luna's official website!

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