When Penn Badgley Isn't Filming 'You', He's Dancing on TikTok!

When Penn Badgley isn't filming 'You', he's dancing on TikTok! Ok, well he also runs a podcast called "Podcrushed", but I enjoy his dance content too 😂

First, he revealed who "the problem" is using Taylor Swift's song "Anti-Hero"...

Joe is the problem 😂

Then, he memorized the choreography for "Made You Look" by Meghan Trainor!

Finally, so far, he duetted a dance with a fan, with the help of some friends!

And I just wanted to throw this wild discovery in here while we're talking about Penn Badgley... BUT HE WAS ON "What I Like About You" with Amanda Bynes!!!!!!! I even watched this show when I was younger and never made the connection!

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